More than ever, our country needs collaboration and creativity to bridge the growing opportunity divide. That is why the Schultz Family Foundation is working with like-minded and often unlikely partners to find, develop and execute innovative, scalable solutions that foster economic and social mobility. The Schultz Family Foundation exists to unlock America’s potential.

We recognize that we are at a critical moment in America. We take our work personally, and act with urgency. The Foundation aims to achieve the following: 


Lifting Populations Out of Risk

Our social contract needs rewriting. There’s so much potential that tends to be the overlooked. The Foundation’s works to identify solutions that move people from crisis to stability… to help them get the fair shot we all deserve.


Realizing Economic Justice

Jobs have transformative power—for employers, employees, and communities alike. We believe that a job with meaningful opportunities for advancement is still the best social program there is!


The Power of the Private Sector

We know what’s possible when business leaders care as much for their community as they do for their shareholders. That’s why the Foundation is galvanizing a movement to compel businesses to succeed by doing good.


Building Solutions at Scale

The opportunity gap is getting larger. We need to move beyond solutions that serve few to ones that impact many.


Proving Efficacy is Price of Admission

We evaluate our impact through the lens of both social and business value. Doing good isn’t enough. We use metrics to ensure that our investments are leading to impact and prove that hiring from these talent pools is good for business.


Changing Hearts and Minds

We lift up stories of success and hope above dysfunction and despair. We harness the power of narrative to show that there is another way to view “special populations.”  The Schultz Family Foundation does not focus on deficits or barriers. Instead, we recognize the untapped assets that offer incredible value to our country.

Our Impact


The Schultz Family Foundation launched and invests in the largest coalition of socially conscious companies working together to train and hire Opportunity Youth and Veterans.

  • 135+

    Corporate Partners—Training and hiring Post 9/11 Veterans, National Guard, Reserve members, and military spouses

  • 50+

    Corporate Partners—Working to prepare, hire and support Opportunity Youth

Opportunity Youth
100,000 Opportunities Initiative™
  • 1,000,000

    Hired by 2021

  • 173,000

    Opportunity Youth hired since its launch in August 2015

  • 17,500

    Opportunity Youth participated in 100,000 Opportunities Initiative job fairs in six cities

  • 300+

    Community-based organizations involved

Opportunity Youth
Our Future
  • 500,000

    Mentorships established by 2022

  • 30,000

    Job-ready Opportunity Youth by year-end 2018

Onward to Opportunity
  • $50,000,000

    Unemployment cost savings since Onward to Opportunity (O2O) initiative was launched in 2014

  • 13,500+

    Veterans trained since 2014

  • 12,000+

    Hired since launch in 2014

    8,993 Veterans
    2,906 Guard and Reserve members
        514 Military Spouses

  • 40+

    Communities engaged in simplifying service access for Veterans and families across the country

  • 18

    Military Installations—Training and hiring Veterans on 18 military installations by the end of 2018