Libby, age 23.

Host site: Second Harvest in Spokane, WA

“Before joining the Response Corps, I served as an AmeriCorps Vista member with the food pantry program at Eastern Washington University. Afterward, my original plan was to travel before going to graduate school, but then COVID happened, and I was scrambling to figure out what to do.

I ended up moving back home with my family and started volunteering at Second Harvest, which is how I learned about the Response Corps. It’s been wonderful serving as the volunteer coordinator. One of my favorite parts is having the opportunity to build relationships with the volunteers each week. I appreciate them so much.

Some of our long-time volunteers had to stop coming in because they have family members who are immunocompromised. But luckily, we don’t have a shortage of volunteers. We have new volunteers who were laid off from their jobs and had extra time to give back.

Service is very meaningful for me. Coming from a privileged background, I understand and appreciate the value of giving back. Even after this experience, when I attend graduate school, I want to make sure community needs and service are integrated into my studies and work. It’s important for me to contribute to the larger good. That’s my why.

I’ve done various service trips throughout college, too—it’s always something I’ve enjoyed doing. I’ve met so many people. In a way, I found community in community service.”