4.5 million 16- to 24-year-olds in the United States – are not in school and not working. Some describe them as “disconnected.” We see pure potential.

With a job, I can do everything I need to do…it’ll help me start a life on my own.

100,000 Opportunities Initiative—Dallas

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We partner with like-minded businesses and community-based organizations to build a new approach to youth development and economic mobility. Already, we are seeing results that will last a lifetime.

More than four million young people, or one in seven, are disconnected from our economy. These youth, often referred to as Opportunity Youth, are neither in work nor school. Most of these young people are looking for a job or opportunity to give them a sense of purpose and start them on their path to success but need access to the supports required to secure and thrive in a job.

Through our Opportunity Youth initiative, we forge unique partnerships and invest in clear pathways to employment. By focusing on both traditional and innovative programs such as mentorship, access to housing, job readiness and community connections, the Foundation helps close the opportunity gap for these young people so they, in turn, can build communities and families that prosper into the next generation.

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    I knew I was going to get something today. Here I am—I got something.

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    Working at Walgreens as a pharmacy tech helps me prepare for my dream job – being a psychiatrist or a social worker.

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