Opportunity Youth

The Schultz Family Foundation is proud to partner with the following grantees. To see grants from a particular area, select a category from the drop-down list. This is not a comprehensive grantee list. A complete list of our grantees can be seen here.

The Schultz Family Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications.

  • JobLaunch.org

    A grant that supports the design, build, and scaling of JobLaunch.org, a digital hiring platform, as well as a related…

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  • A grant to build capacity in three KIPP regions to identify and implement strategies to prevent high-risk youth from disconnecting…

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  • More Shelter Space and Capacity-Building

    This grant contributes to a collective effort to support Mary’s Place in doubling its shelter capacity. It also supports capacity-building…

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  • The Financial Impact of Youth Disconnection

    This grant supported the research and writing of a report that articulates the financial impacts of youth disconnection. The report…

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  • National Mentoring Project for Opportunity Youth

    A grant to develop and implement the first scalable turnkey mentoring solution for Opportunity Youth, delivered both before and after…

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  • This grant aims to reach, engage, and inspire target audiences to think and act differently, building a groundswell of activity,…

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