Opportunity Youth
Focus Areas

  • Prepare

    Some young people don’t know where to start when it comes to jobs. They may not have anyone to guide them. Lacking experience or education, others might benefit from training or certification.

    We support a range of programs that meet young people wherever they are and help them take their first steps towards success.

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  • Hire

    The hiring programs we support are tailor-made for Opportunity Youth. The employers we work with see the value and potential of young people and are invested in hiring them.

    The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative™ is a signature program for us. Hiring fairs, ongoing local programs and a digital hiring platform are just some of the components of this dynamic initiative.

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  • Support

    Landing a job is only half the battle. To ensure young people are successful, we invest in mentoring programs and other initiatives to help them advance in their careers. Mentorship is key to helping youth prepare for and retain jobs.

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There are many misperceptions about Opportunity Youth – who they are, what they face, what they bring. Yet this is a population that – if connected – will benefit our communities, companies, and country. We are investing in research to change the narrative.