Andriana came to the Opportunity Fair feeling nervous about her interview but knowing she was going to get the job she wanted at Macy’s.

At age 18, she already has her Microsoft certification and wants to work in IT. Her retail job at Macy’s is an informed first step.

When the recruiter heard that I’m, you know, a fan of IT he put it in my application. He said that they had opportunities in that area.

  • Lashay

    100,000 Opportunities Initiatives—Dallas | Walgreens

    Working at Walgreens as a pharmacy tech helps me prepare for my dream job – being a psychiatrist or a social worker.

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  • Ara

    100,000 Opportunities Initiative—D.C. | Starbucks

    I was really nervous. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get it, but I motivated myself, I told myself I would and I actually did.

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