Christian is motivation and confidence personified. He heard about the D.C. Opportunity Fair late but got himself there and went straight into interviews with companies he wanted to work for. He received a job offer from Nordstrom and couldn’t be happier.

When asked what advice he had for other young people, he said:

You’ve got to jump out there and just try. Even if you don’t have confidence, you’ve got to build that. It’s all about believing in yourself and knowing you can go get something. You’re only stopping yourself if you don’t go do it yourself.

  • Lashay

    100,000 Opportunities Initiatives—Dallas | Walgreens

    Working at Walgreens as a pharmacy tech helps me prepare for my dream job – being a psychiatrist or a social worker.

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  • Ara

    100,000 Opportunities Initiative—D.C. | Starbucks

    I was really nervous. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get it, but I motivated myself, I told myself I would and I actually did.

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