Military Spouse
Service: 8 years

Desiree Gipson had a job but she wasn’t passionate about it. She was excited to hear about Onward to Opportunity. “I wanted to do something I truly love, which is technology.”

She was especially interested in cyber security so she decided to pursue her Security Plus certification through the program. Desiree was one of eight or nine military spouses in her group of roughly 30 participants and she felt everyone bonded well and treated each other equally. “People were very open. As a military spouse, I didn’t see any difference or any bias versus being a military person transitioning out.”

A lot of times, getting out, when all you know is the military, you don’t know where else to go or look.  You come into a whole different city, and you have no clue where to start. I’ve been there in that situation. This felt like an opportunity to help spread your wings.

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  • Nick Sullivan

    The Mission Continues | Leader | Seattle First Platoon

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