Lowell exudes confidence and focus. He got an offer from HMSHost at the D.C. Opportunity Fair which is exactly the kind of work he was looking for.

It means a lot to me because I really would like to study hospitality. Five years from now I see myself working in a higher position in hospitality, managing people and traveling to different hotels in different countries.

Asked about the perception that some employers have about young people, Lowell offered:

Some look at youth like we don’t like to work or all we want to do is start trouble and get into stuff. We have so much to offer, so much knowledge, so much wisdom and we are overlooked so many times that I can see how young people might turn their back on opportunities. We need to make employers understand that some of us have more wisdom and more knowledge than people older than us.  I feel like people need to open their hearts and their eyes to see the truth and the beauty in us.

Going further, Lowell offered advice to other young people looking for jobs.

Don’t stop.  Don’t quit. There’s always a job out there looking to hire someone like me or like you. Use all the resources that you have every day. Take it, from a flyer to an application.  Anything and everything helps.

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