Sergeant, Army
SERVICE: 8 years

Nick Sullivan retired from the military several years before he joined Mission Continues. He clearly remembered the challenges veterans face transitioning to civilian life, especially when it comes to finding people that understand their history.

That’s one of the reasons Mission Continues uses the same jargon from the military,” he said. “It gives folks a sense of comfort and ease when they start volunteering.

As leader of Seattle First Platoon, Nick partnered with the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods to identify several projects that would help improve the quality of life for residents of Seattle’s Rainier Beach neighborhood. Nick found the volunteer work was enormously gratifying for the veterans and the community. It also allowed veterans to forge bonds with civilian volunteers that expanded circles of friends and professional networks.

  • Angela Harris

    Team Red, White and Blue | GO RUCK coordinator | Honolulu Chapter

    As veterans, we have one thing in common and that is a strong sense of community.

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  • Gina Chang Evans

    Onward to Opportunity | Systems Applications and Products Developer | Accenture

    I didn't have it in me to go to career fairs. Onward to Opportunity taught me how to get out there and just talk and network.

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