Post 9/11

A Commitment Honored.
A Debt Repaid.

Post 9/11 Veterans are returning to civilian life with diverse skills and tremendous potential, but many experience difficulties when they leave military service and transition to civilian life. The Foundation’s goal is to ensure successful transitions from military service for Post 9/11 Veterans and their families. Our investments focus on both supporting service members before they transition, and re-integration strategies that help them and their families navigate services post-transition.

Returning service members have diverse skills demanded by today’s civilian labor force, including impressive work ethics, leadership, and strategic problem-solving abilities. The Schultz Family Foundation’s Veterans initiative is designed to recognize and employ these unique traits to match them with their next career in the civilian sector and empower veterans to make our nation better and stronger. To further these efforts, the Foundation works to ensure that we understand the strengths and talents of those who served, and the contributions they can make when they return home. The Foundation’s programs support not only transitioning service members but also military spouses, and National Guard and Reserve members.

As veterans, we have one thing in common
and that is a strong sense of community.

Angela Harris
Master Sergeant, Air Force

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Our Approach

In the military, service members’ jobs are diverse, but the mission is the same: to serve the nation and protect our freedom. When service members transition from the military to civilian life, at times it can be difficult for them to find their purpose. But a job can help them regain their sense of purpose and passion, while providing employers with prepared and committed talent.

The Schultz Family Foundation works with employers and nonprofit organizations to ensure veterans can connect their skills, experience and community commitment to a new organization and a new mission. We support transitioning veterans from active duty, military spouses, and National Guard and Reserve members through the many steps of re-integration, from preparation to hiring to long-term support.



Here are a few examples of how the Schultz Family Foundation is helping make an impact in our community.

  • $88,000,000

    Unemployment cost savings since Onward to Opportunity (O2O) initiative was launched in 2014

  • 15,000+

    Veterans trained since 2015

  • 23,000+

    Veterans and family members hired since the launch of the Post 9/11 Veterans initiative in 2014

  • 20,000

    Certifications granted

  • 70+

    Communities engaged in simplifying service access for Veterans and families across the country

  • 18

    Onward to Opportunity  is currently active on 18 military installations, enrolling more than 8,000 participants annually

  • Mubota Watson

    Onward to Opportunity | Joint Base San Antonio Program Coordinator

    I’d never had an offer letter. I’d never had to negotiate a salary. I’d never had to do an interview, per se, as a grown-up. Onward to Opportunity is something you definitely don’t want to miss. It’s a great opportunity.

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  • Nick Sullivan

    The Mission Continues | Leader | Seattle First Platoon

    It’s hard to find people who have had the same shared experiences.

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  • Gina Chang Evans

    Onward to Opportunity | Systems Applications and Products Developer | Accenture

    I didn't have it in me to go to career fairs. Onward to Opportunity taught me how to get out there and just talk and network.

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For Love of Country Book

The Schultz Family Foundation’s Veterans initiative is funded in part by the proceeds from For Love of Country, a celebration of the courage, dedication, and sacrifice of this generation of American veterans on the battlefield and their valuable contributions on the home front. Written by Howard Schultz and Rajiv Chandrasekaran, these stories demonstrate how indebted we are to those who protect us and what they have to offer our nation when their military service is done. Available in paperback here.