The Schultz Family Foundation is proud to partner with the following grantees. To see grants from a particular area, select a category from the drop-down list. This is not a comprehensive grantee list. A complete list of our grantees can be seen here.

The Schultz Family Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications.

  • Expand TAPS "Family Camp/Retreat" Programs

    A grant expanding TAPS "Family Camp/Retreat" concept, bringing widow/guardian and child together for a shared experience which includes a military…

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  • Character Does Matter and One-on-One Veteran Mentorship Program

    1. Character Does Matter Character Does Matter empowers veterans to serve as community role models, educating youth on character and…

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  • National Veterans Intermediary Project Support

    A grant supporting TVCA's participation in a National Veterans Intermediary project to increase alignment, data-sharing and collaboration with other veterans…

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  • Hiring Our Heroes, Corporate Fellowship Program

    To support 50 active duty CFP Fellows as they transition from the active duty military to civilian careers. These “Schultz…

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  • USO Pathfinder Program FY2019

    The Pathfinder program extends the USO’s mission of connection by assisting service members and their families in achieving their personal…

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  • Workshops for Warriors Advanced Manufacturing

    The grant will support an infrastructure growth project that will expand the advanced manufacturing training programs and prepare to accept…

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